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Grateful Pirate Tie Dye T Shirt "V" Style

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KFTW Grateful Pirate radio program cotton Gildan T-shirt hand tie-dyed by Dead Head Jeremy Wanamaker of Jen & Jeremy's Tie Dyes in Dallas with custom logo by Dallas Deadhead and graphic designer Annaliese Cline. 

The Grateful Pirate is a four hour Dead inspired radio show hosted by legendary DFW Dead Head and radio host Grateful Dave on KFTW 97.5 The Pirate, a non-profit community radio station in Fort Worth and streaming on the web at www.KFTW975.org Tune in for the Grateful Pirate on KFTW on Saturdays at 8pm and Tuesdays at about noon, sponsored by Abundant Harvest Hydroponics and Organics in Arlington, Texas.

100% of the sales of the Grateful Pirate tie dyed T-shirts support KFTW 97.5 The Pirate.

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